Mishka is our muse… she is the girl who we want to be, our inspiration. She lives the life we dream of, a life of style and passion. Well-travelled, confident, charitable and just a little sassy! With a love of great fashion and food, she spends her Saturdays exercising with friends and spending time with family.

We have the pleasure of curating her style…

Mishka & Co. was invented to unleash the inner goddess, our vision is to create an accessible, non-pretentious brand that gives our muse the pampering and luxury she deserves.

At Mishka & Co. we make our candles using 100% Soy wax and cotton wicks, presented in stunning jars that can be repurposed. We treat candle making as a science. Each fragrance throws a different hot and cold scent and we work tirelessly testing each one to ensure our candles smell sensational, burn clean and provide the added touch of style to your environment.